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CTS Tip Of The Week

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CTS Tip Of The Week has been designed to help all Comms, L&D and Service Leads who are focussed on improving users’ knowledge and understanding of Google Workspace. CTS take care of the labour intensive and time consuming process of curating your own tips, ensuring your users are well educated and helping to drive the Google Workspace culture of collaboration within your organisation.

Our Tip Of The Week surfaces new and existing Google changes and features directly to your end users’ inboxes.
We take the time to add our own CTS touch to the information, drawing upon the expertise of over 100 Google Workspace experts across the business to harness the very best advice, including extra digital content to help folks digest tips more readily.

What’s more, we look into feedback on common issues to improve knowledge gaps and enable end customers to provide their own tips and feedback, creating a virtuous circle of learning within their communities.

Our service allows organisations to share knowledge and increase Workspace adoption rates.
This drives employee engagement and ultimately improves the return on your Workspace investment.


Our Tip Of The Week is available to all Workspace customers. We recently helped a large UK retailer increase their Google Workspace Community by ~100 new members in the four months since the service was launched, which has encouraged stronger in-house championing of the platform and promoted greater adoption. For another major hospitality customer, we were able to identify open rates of 76% on particular applications, identifying an unknown need for further training to help the organisation excel in this space.






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