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CSAT Feedback - How & Why

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Submitting Feedback

For every ticket that gets "Solved" by CTS, an automatic CSAT request is emailed to the requestor asking for feedback around the request. Feedback can also be added to a solved ticket, via the "My Activities" section of the Support Portal.


Feedback drives our CSI. Taking on board comments, suggestions and feedback from customers helps us continue to deliver great service, or make changes to improve areas where we could do better.


Leaving Feedback via Email

An hour or so after CTS "solves" a ticket, a CSAT email request is sent to the requestor. The request is linked directly to the ticket and asks for feedback around the ticket and it's journey to resolution:




If you wish to submit "negative" feedback, or think we can do better in the future, simply click the "sad" face:


We ask in doing so, that you leave a comment with your selection, so that we can strive to deliver an excellent customer experience. The following box appears once you make your initial selection:



If you wish to submit "positive" feedback, or want to let us know that we are doing a good job, simply click the "happy" face:



Leaving or Changing Feedback via My Activities

As a requestor, you can also submit or change your feedback via the "My Activities" section of the CTS Support Portal. Tickets that have been "solved", remain in this state for a period of 48 hours. During this time, feedback can be submitted and changed.




After 48 hours, the ticket moves to a "closed" state and feedback can no longer be submitted or modified.




If you believe that "negative" feedback has been left by accident, or by an automated system, (or CTS has subsequently been in contact to try and offer further assistance or support) you have the ability to change the feedback by doing the following:

Sign in to your account at support.cts.co and make the changes by going to My Activities, then selecting the ticket you'd like to update.


Contact and Escalation

If you would like to discuss anything, have any questions around the CSAT process or need guidance on anything listed in this guide, please email portal@cts.co